Touchless Control Through Natural Gestures and Voice Commands

Designed to give surgeons access and control of digital information without having to de-scrub or ask for assistance.

Greater Control for Surgeon

1. Easy Access

Easy access to vital data
during surgery.

2. Focus

Fewer distractions and
greater focus on surgery.

3. Efficient Surgery

Analyse your movement data
for each procedural step.

Simple plug &
play technology

No software download

Simultaneous control of multiple computers / equipment

Vendor independent

Plug and play on any system

Our Customers

Through listening closely to our customers we have created a solution that will empower surgeons to access patient data more quickly and easily with minimal disruption.  Allowing them to maintain greater focus on the patient. 


“TedCube provides true touchless control of patient information whilst I operate”

Marlies Schijven,
Professor of Surgery.
AMC Amsterdam,


“With TedCube I can simultaneously control multiple screens without asking for assistance”

Iñigo Pomposo,
Head Neurosurgery.
University Hospital
Cruces, Spain

“TedCube allows me to review images during
surgery without having to
de-scrub or ask someone else to do it for me”

Rafael Sádaba,
Cardio Thoracic.
Surgeon Hospital of
Navarra, Sapin

Compatible with all reputable sensors in the market.

Improved Hospital Outcomes

1. Improved Safety

Maintained focus on patient. Less time out of sterile field. Reduced chances of surgical site infection.

2. Increased OR Efficiencies

Reduced operating and anaesthesia time. Quicker access to data. Less time descrubbed. (scrub out/ review data/ scrub in= 8 mins / $200 lost )

3. Theatre Overheads

$1500 an hour to run an OR. On averange $200 lost in downtime per procedure.


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