AiRob Project – IRIS Challenge

TedCas participates, within the IRIS Challenge, in a strategic R&D Project 2019-2021.
The AiRob project proposes to develop solutions in which artificial intelligence, deep learning, and robotics are combined to solve complex problems in the manufacturing industry: from assembly (deposition of adhesives in composites), to quality (analysis defects in real time) and the product life cycle (recycling of appliances). The project aims to apply artificial intelligence solutions and their integration into robotics to facilitate industrial processes in companies from Navarra that can later serve as prescribers to other industrial sectors.
TedCas collaborates with its artificial intelligence solutions applied to the voice control of robots to facilitate human-machine communication in ASPACE.

It is an experimental development project that can be considered strategic for Navarra from the point of view that it tries to automate different production processes by introducing artificial intelligence and collaborative robotics.


As of March 31, 2021, the main advances and achievements obtained in the AiRob project are:

  • Choose the best artificial intelligence algorithm for speech recognition.
  • The control interface within the robot. It will evolve later by applying the results of an analysis of ranges and forces.
  • Study the possibility of including gesture recognition algorithms that improve or complement the control system made with voice commands.