TedCas recognised as a key player in “bringing ORs into the 21st century”


When discussing OR’s of the future in the US, our TedCube voice & gesture control technology has been highlighted as cutting edge technology to “shape the future of the operating suite.” Healthtransformer has highlighted  “About 50 million OR procedures are performed each year in the United States, and despite often rigorous safety procedures, thousands of … Read more

TedCube controlling Medtronic StealthStation S8 and SMACS system

Never has it been so easy to have true touchless control of your neuronavigation and imaging systems.  Even with the background noise of a conference centre, the TedCube provides reliable speech  recognition.  Giving you contol of your navigation system, monitors and images.

True Touchless Control of your OR with TedCube and Jones AV Ltd

This is a video demonstrating TedCube voice control technology, with the Jones AV system.   As TedCube is ‘plug and play’ and not requiring any software download into third party equipment, set up is quick and easy.  These are just a few examples of what can be contolled in the OR.  There are many options available, … Read more

Amsterdam AMC Hospital demonstrating our TedCube technology

When we saw the video created by Professor Marlies Schijven and her team that explains our TedCube ‘gesture & voice’ control technology, we had to share it with you!  A very proud moment for the TedCas team and a privilege to be associated with the AMC.  Turn up the volume and enjoy!