TedCas is a leading healthcare technology provider that revolutionises access and handing of medical information.


Touchless Control Through Natural Gestures and Voice Commands.

Reality Presentation

Combine Your PowerPoint Presentation with Live Interactive Video Sources.

3D Imaging

Interact through the world of 3D imaging using mixed and virtual reality.

Our mission is to be the global market leader in
healthcare, for touch free, natural user interfaces.

Our Customers

TedCas is very proud to be working with some of Europe’s leading hospitals and surgeons. Through our close customer relationships, we have designed world leading technology to enhance the most advanced operating theatres and surgical techniques available.


“TedCube provides true touchless control of patient information whilst I operate”

Marlies Schijven,
Professor of Surgery.
AMC Amsterdam,


“With TedCube I can simultaneously control multiple screens without asking for assistance”

Iñigo Pomposo,
Head Neurosurgery.
University Hospital
Cruces, Spain

“TedCube allows me to review images during
surgery without having to
de-scrub or ask someone else to do it for me”

Rafael Sádaba,
Cardio Thoracic.
Surgeon Hospital of
Navarra, Sapin

Globally Connected  Europe / USA / LATAM / UAE


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